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2 years ago
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Modenine calls Reminisce, Phyno and Olamide clowns in new Interview

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In an interview with Hip TV, Rapper Modenine spoke on the controversial hit song from Reminisce “Local Rappers” which featured Phyno and Olamide. The song which was said to have taken a swipe at the likes of Modenine and MI who rap in English, indicating that punch lines don’t bring in cash anymore.

Here’s what modenine had to say

“It’s a lovely song, when I heard it I felt it was a satire meant to ruffle some feathers though but it cannot be directed at artistes who still use punchlines in their raps.

“We all know that punchlines still and will forever bring in the money. Because if you check advertising, you will find out that the payoffs, the punchlines are always there and that brings a lot of money. Punchlines bring in the money. I like the song, but seriously, I know they were just clowning around,”

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