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(Must read)Suck is Life, or isn’t it?

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"Suck is life". 

That's a statement I read while walking past a "keke napep" this morning, it might have been an honest mistake but a "H" for a "K" isn t the most unusual mistake for a handwritten note or is it? I laughed it off and shared it with a friend who said or ‘isn't it?  This got me thinking, what if "suck" is really life. From the first sucking of our mother breast with the first milk, high in antibodies (colostrums) serving as the first defense against disease for a new born yeah "suck is life". 

So how much suck do we do in life?  From the expression "life sucks" -which means a total apathy of what is going on in the person's life- Life definitely suck for a lot of people who can't fulfill their dreams and live a suck free life, life also to them Sucks!! 

To those men who love to philander with women I guess suck is their life too – to suck and get sucked- for them, there's no greater pleasure than spending their life savings in order to get satisfaction from several women thereby achieving varying levels of satisfaction. To them, suck is life.  

Sucking in life isn't new to anyone. But they greatly differ, from a lady who says "that sucks” from a broken finger nail to a man whose life has been hit by personal tragedy such the death of most of his family and someone on hearing this news exhales " life sucks", Both experiencing different levels of disappointments or failure but suck being central to their lives at the moment. 

With stories from personal experiences, from what has been seen from news, friends, acquaintances and just random stories of members of the general public we could assume life yeah does suck. But such is life!


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