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Kylie got her Mansion just to spend ‘alone’ time with Tyga?

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She needs to spend more time with her boo

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It was announced recently that Kylie Jenner bought herself a multi-million dollar house. Well, according to rumours, she is only doing that so as to spend more time with her Father boyfriend.

But sources close to the Kardashians have come out to refute these rumours

A source told Hollywood Life:

“Tyga has his own pad — there’s no need for him to move into Kylie’s place full-time — but he will be there a lot. He has his own key. It’s more of a protection and safety thing, actually. Kylie’s never really lived on her own before and this house, which he helped her pick out when she was house hunting, is crazy big. He doesn’t want her to be in that house alone all by herself and neither does she.”

Yeah right! More like all “night” alone in her bed

From time to time, he will be there. They’ve agreed that Tyga will live there for the first month or so. He wants to be the one to help her unpack, to get settled in and accustomed to the house — he feels it’s important for him to be there with her for this new and exciting chapter in her life. Tyga’s the type of person that pays attention to the small things, all the little details. He doesn’t want her to have movers come and unpack her stuff like that. He feels that’s a man’s job and he’s that man. He wants Kylie to know and feel his presence in her new home and is looking forward to making many memories with her there.”

Tyga asked Kylie not to move in or lift a finger until he’s back home from tour. He very much wants to be part of this process and can’t wait until he’s back so he can be with her and sleep at his new home away from home.”

Awww…isnt that just fatherly sweet? 

Check out the multi-million dollar house;

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